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Griffiths GAMSAT Review by Dr Peter Griffiths

Created by a doctor for future doctors

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Who Are We?

Dr Peter Griffiths and his team of expert tutors for the GAMSAT test have helped thousands of students to success and into med school with our GAMSAT test and med interview training. We’ve been through it ourselves so we know what you’re going through and we can help.

Over 15 Years Experience

Thousands Of Successful Students

71 Average Score

10 Point Average Improvement

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Unlock Your Medical School Dream with Our Online Course for the GAMSAT test- The Ultimate Advantage Over Traditional Study Methods!

Are you tired of flipping through textbooks and sitting in crowded classrooms? Discover how our comprehensive online course for the GAMSAT test transforms your test preparation experience, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Customized Learning Path:

Our adaptive online materials tailor the course to your unique strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you focus on the areas that need improvement the most. No more one-size-fits-all approach!

Turbocharge Your Progress:

Access a vast library of video lessons, practice questions, and full-length exams, available 24/7. Study at your own pace, rewind, or fast-forward through content, mastering the GAMSAT test at your speed.

Expert Guidance:

Learn from top instructors, whose invaluable insights and proven strategies give you the edge you need. Plus, with our interactive Facebook group, you can connect with other students and get answers to your questions in real-time.

Study Anywhere, Anytime

With our online GAMSAT course, your study sessions are no longer limited to classrooms or libraries. Access course materials on any device, whether you're at home, on campus, or on-the-go.

Track Your Progress

Our advanced analytics allow you to monitor your performance, identify areas for improvement, and measure your progress in real-time, ensuring you stay on track to achieve your GAMSAT goals.

Invest in your future today with our cutting-edge online course for the exam and unlock the full potential of your test preparation. Say goodbye to outdated learning methods and hello to the smarter way to ace the GAMSAT!

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Discover Our Resources

Check out our range of articles and online resources for the test which leave you in no doubt what you need to know and what steps you need to take next...

GAMSAT Section 1

GAMSAT Section 1

GAMSAT Section 1 focuses on testing your critical reasoning and comprehension skills in the humanities and social sciences.

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GAMSAT Section 2

GAMSAT Section 2

GAMSAT Section 2, also known as the Written Communication section, requires you to write two essays within 60 minutes.

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GAMSAT Section 3

GAMSAT Section 3

GAMSAT Section 3, also known as "Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences," is designed to test your problem-solving and critical thinking

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GAMSAT Practice Questions

GAMSAT Practice Questions

Undertaking practice questions is a crucial aspect of GAMSAT preparation, as it allows candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam's

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GAMSAT Resources

GAMSAT Resources

These resources can help you improve your essay-writing skills, expand your knowledge on various topics, and inspire ideas for your GAMSAT.

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GAMSAT Syllabus

GAMSAT Syllabus

This GAMSAT syllabus covers a wide range of topics that you may encounter in the exam. Keep in mind that GAMSAT questions often involve

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the materials are suitable for the GAMSAT test in Australia, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. Wherever you're from and wherever you're taking the GAMSAT this course is designed for you.

Yes all materials are available to download or view online immediately after making payment. No waiting for anything to arrive in the post! The only exception to this is the essay marking course where materials are delivered during the official course dates.

Yes there is a 30 day money back guarantee on the course. If you decide it's not for you just let us know and we'll give you a refund.

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